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I Like Your Butt

"I Like Your Butt" candle, the perfect way to tell that special someone just how much you appreciate their backside! Made with a luxurious coconut apricot wax blend and infused with the sweet and seductive scents of juicy peach and rich vanilla, this candle is sure to set hearts (and butts) aflutter.

Light it up during a romantic dinner, a cozy night in, or whenever you want to let your partner know just how much you like their derriere. And who knows, maybe the scent of peaches and vanilla will inspire some sweet (and spicy) moments between the sheets!

So go ahead and indulge in a little cheeky humor with the "I Like Your Butt" candle. Your partner will love the playful gesture and the delicious scent, and you'll love the way it sets the mood for some truly memorable moments. Butt seriously, who doesn't love a good butt compliment?

Scent notes:

peach, vanilla

9oz. Ships 2-5 business days.