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About Us

Our Story 

 Once upon a time, in the heart of California, two gay men named Tyler and Daniel were searching for a way to share their love of laughter and good times with the world. They had always been the life of the party, always quick with a joke or a funny quip to lighten the mood. One day, while burning a boring old candle, they decided to start their own candle company that was as funny and fabulous as they were. Thus, the Funny Flames Candle Co. was born.

 Tyler and Daniel spent countless hours perfecting their unique scents and perfecting their candle-making process. They decided to use eco-friendly coconut wax because they wanted to ensure that their products were both sustainable and giftable. Each candle was lovingly hand-poured, with careful attention paid to every detail.

 But what really set the Funny Flames Candle Co. apart was their commitment to humor and laughter. Each candle was named after a hilarious joke or pun, paired with the perfect matching scent.

 The duo believed that laughter was the best medicine and wanted to bring joy and humor to their customers' lives through their products. They made sure each candle came with a silly label or a witty quote to brighten up their customers' days. The packaging was just as fun, with bright colors and quirky illustrations that reflected the company's ethos.

  Funny Flames Candle Co. quickly became known for its unique scents, hilarious names, and commitment to eco-friendliness and community. Tyler and Daniel never forgot why they started the company in the first place: to bring joy and laughter to others. They continue to live life to the fullest, always with a candle burning and a smile on their faces.

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