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Best Friends Are Like Fat Thighs...

"Best Friends Are Like Fat Thighs" candle, featuring the delightful scent of cherry. Light it up and let the sweet aroma fill the air as you celebrate the cherished bond between you and your bestie. Just like those fabulous fat thighs, true friends are always there to support you, keep you grounded, and make life a little sweeter. So, raise a toast to the friend who's always got your back, even when the going gets tough or the dessert menu gets tempting. Because in the journey of life, having a friend like that is the cherry on top

Scent: Cherry
Size: 9oz Glass jar with lid
Wax: Coconut apricot wax blend
9oz Dimensions: 2.9 x 3.4

- Best Selling
- Local: Made in the USA