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Don't Be A Salty Beach

Attention all salty beach lovers! We've got just the candle for you - "Don't Be A Salty Beach" scented with the invigorating blend of ambrette seeds, sea salt, and sage, all nestled in a delicious coconut apricot wax.

This candle is perfect for all those salty beachgoers who can't resist getting sand in their hair and sunburn on their nose. But, it's also a gentle reminder to leave the salty attitude at home and embrace the good vibes only.

With every light of this candle, you'll be transported to a tropical paradise where the sun shines bright, the waves crash against the shore, and the salty sea air fills your lungs. It's the perfect way to unwind after a long day of beachy adventures or to bring a little bit of the beach to your home, no matter where you are.

So, whether you're a beach bum, a mermaid at heart, or just looking for a unique and refreshing scent to add to your collection, "Don't Be A Salty Beach" is the candle for you. So, don't be a crab, grab this candle and let the good vibes roll!

Scent notes:

Ambrette Seeds, Sea Salt, and Sage.

9oz. Ships 2-5 business days.