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Dogs Are Cooler Than People

"Dogs Are Cooler Than People" candle, featuring the vibrant and uplifting scent of "Three Seventeen." For all the dog lovers out there who know that a wagging tail can brighten any day, this candle is a tribute to our furry friends. Light it up and let the joyful fragrance fill the room as you revel in the unconditional love and boundless enthusiasm of your canine companion. Dogs have a way of making every moment special, and this candle captures that essence perfectly. So, sit back, relax, and celebrate the coolness of your four-legged bestie!

Scent: Three Seventeen
Size: 9oz Glass jar with lid
Wax: Coconut apricot wax blend
9oz Dimensions: 2.9 x 3.4

- Best Selling
- Local: Made in the USA