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Don't Be A Salty Bitch

Introducing our "Don't Be A Salty Bitch" candle, because life is too short to let your sodium levels dictate your attitude! Made with a delectable coconut apricot wax blend, this candle will transport you to a beachside paradise where the refreshing scent of ambrette seeds, sea salt, and sage will make you forget all about your sodium-induced grudges. It's the perfect companion for those moments when you need to release the inner goddess and let go of the saltiness. So light this candle, inhale the calming aroma, and embrace the power of being a sweet and sassy queen bee. Remember, it's time to rise above the salt and let your light shine without a hint of bitterness!


Scent notes:

Ambrette Seeds, Sea Salt, and Sage.

9oz. Ships 2-5 business days.