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Don't Stop Be-Leafing

Introducing the "Don't Stop Be-Leafing" candle - the perfect scent for those who love nature and puns equally! Made with the best coconut apricot wax blend and infused with the aroma of agave, green floral, and patchouli, this candle will transport you straight into a lush jungle.

Light up this candle and you'll feel like you're surrounded by the vibrant greenery of the Amazon rainforest, complete with exotic birds and monkeys swinging from the trees. But don't be fooled by the peaceful ambiance - this candle is just as sassy as its name.

With every whiff of agave and patchouli, you'll be reminded that there's no need to stop be-leafing in yourself and your dreams. So, whether you're feeling a bit down or just want to add a touch of whimsy to your day, light up the "Don't Stop Be-Leafing" candle and let the good vibes flow!

But be warned - this candle is so empowering, you might just start strutting around like a confident jungle queen. So go ahead and unleash your inner Tarzan or Jane, and don't stop be-leafing in yourself!

Scent notes:

Agave, Green Floral, Patchouli