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I Love You To The Moon And Back - Giftable Candle BFF

"I Love You To The Moon And Back" candle, the perfect way to express your love in a scent-sational and cosmic way! Crafted with a coconut apricot wax blend that's as smooth as your sweet nothings and as delightful as your partner's smile. Scented with the bubbly essence of Mimosa, this candle will have you feeling like you're floating in a love-filled galaxy!

When you light this candle, you'll be transported to a romantic rendezvous on the moon, where love sparkles like stardust and the only gravity is the attraction between you two.

Whether you're cuddling on the couch or having a romantic dinner under the stars, this candle's got your back. It's like a love potion that keeps your hearts connected, even when you're light-years apart!

Scent: Mimosa
Size: 9oz Glass jar with lid
Wax: Coconut apricot wax blend
9oz Dimensions: 2.9 x 3.5

- Best Selling
- Local: Made in the USA