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My Back And Body Hurts

Introducing the hilariously therapeutic "My Back And Body Hurts" candle! When life gives you aches and pains, why not light up some laughter? This extraordinary creation combines the invigorating essence of watermint clementine with the soothing properties of a coconut apricot wax blend. It's a fragrant blend that's as refreshing as a massage for your senses!

As the flame dances, so will your worries about your back and body. The aromatic embrace of watermint clementine will transport you to a blissful state of minty citrus bliss, where even your muscles might want to tap their feet in delight.

Made from a top-secret concoction of coconut and apricot wax, this candle is so smooth and creamy that it might just inspire you to invent new yoga poses just to show off. And while you strike those impressive moves, let the scent take you on a journey to a place where all discomfort is simply a distant memory.

So, sit back, relax, and let the "My Back And Body Hurts" candle work its magic. It's the ultimate reminder that even the most painful moments in life can be infused with laughter and a little fragrant relief. Warning: Extended use of this candle may result in contagious giggles and uncontrollable dance moves!

Scent notes:

Citrus,Orange, Mint, Agave