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Namaste The Fuck Away

Introducing "Namaste The Fuck Away" – the candle that channels the zen vibes of nag champa to create the perfect boundary of peace and personal space. This hilariously named candle not only adds a touch of tranquility to your environment with its soothing nag champa scent but also serves as a humorous reminder to maintain your inner serenity. Ignite this candle and let the aromatic calm wash over you while the cheeky label sets the mood for some well-deserved solitude. Whether you're in need of a moment of mindfulness or just want to keep the chaos at bay, "Namaste The Fuck Away" is your go-to candle for a blend of relaxation and laughter. Embrace the scented sanctuary and kindly invite others to respect your space, one waft at a time!

Scent: Nag Champa
Size: 9oz Glass jar with lid
Wax: Coconut apricot wax blend candle
Dimensions 1.5x1.5x2

80+ hr burn time
Made and shipped from California USA